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Here you can find on going groundwater development projects and academic researches.
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2009 Abstract Volume

Preliminary ithostratigraphy and structural investigation for groundwater potential assessment of the Mekele outlier, Northern Ethiopia

Quantification of Runoff for 2007 Land use Scenarios in the Maychew Watershed, Tigray, Northern Ethiopia

Adaa-Becho Plains Groundwater Resource Potential Evaluation.

Preliminary hydrogeological investigation of the Upper Tekeze catchement.

Aquifer vulnerability assessment in akaki river catchment, addis ababa (finfinne): implications for land use and water quality management

Integrated Groundwater Potential Assessment of the Volcanic Plains of the Borena Lowlands

Hydrogeological Investigation: A Case Study on the Groundwater Potential Assessment in the Hantebet Catchment, Tigray, Northern Ethiopia

Groundwater System Analysis of Raya Kobo Valley: Hydrogeochemical and Isotopic Approach

Application of Integrated Water Resources Management Principles to Groundwater Resources Management

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Here you find important materials such as the Ethiopian water quality standard, the geologic coding systems, well completion report format, database formates, free softwares, etc

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